What is a Beer Swap or Beer Exchange?
You have a group of people each bring a case of beer to exchange/swap with each other.  The ideal exchange is to have 24 people participate so each person will take home one case of 24 different beers.

What kind of beer should I bring?
You should buy a beer that comes in bottles or cans and has 24 beers in the case.  It should not be anything like Bud Light, Miller, Coors or anything else that may be mistaken as water.  There is no price minimum or maximum but the case should cost more then the change you have laying in your car's ashtray.  Check the website before you buy your beer so you do not buy something that someone else is already bring.  Also please do not buy a variety case of beer to bring. Please check the Previous Beers page and bring something that is not already on the list of beers we have already had.

Should I bring the beer be cold?
The case you bring should be room temp because there will be people that can not make the swap that will not be getting their case back for a couple of days.